OneSource Online Orders (OneSource Add-On)


Simplify The Process Of Placing and Fulfilling Orders




Make It Easier To Do Business With You

Using OneSource Online Orders, your customers, using their own web browser can perform any of the following functions, 100% on their own, 24/7:
  • Search for parts by Year, Make, Model and/or keyword.
  • Check availability of the item.
  • View ‘their’ price for the item.
  • View a picture of the item (when available).
  • Click a button to create and save a Quote.
  • Click a button to place an Order.
  • View status of all open Orders.
  • View past Order history.
  • View Invoice and Invoice Payment History
  • Make a payment on one or more invoices.

Reduce Some of Your Own Headaches As Well

When your customers use the Online Orders to place orders and perform other functions, your company can benefit in the following ways:
  • Save time searching for parts: Your customers do the work of searching for parts, selecting items, and submitting the Order on their own time, at their own convenience.
  • Eliminate the time taken to enter the order: Once your customer clicks ‘Place Order’, you receive an email notification + the order is automatically imported into OneSource–ready to be printed and invoiced like any other Sales Order in OneSource.
  • Keep a little more egg off your face… If your customer orders the wrong part they may be a little more forgiving than if your people had taken a phone order.

Rest Easier (with Secure Logins)

Some online systems require a user name and password, that can be used anywhere by anyone. The problem with this is if that user name and password ends up in one of your competitors hands, then you end up giving login rights to your competitor! Our Online Order (customer portal) was designed to work only on the PC (or PC’s) that you specifically authorize (based on your customers unique IP address).

To learn more about how OneSource Online Orders can simplify your business, please contact us.

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