Warehouse Automation (OneSource osScan Add-on)

Gain control of every part
coming in and out of your warehouse.







OneSource Scanning App functionality:
  • Scan items into stock.
    • Receive PO (on Dock). This allows you to quickly scan what came off the truck for quick reconciliation and to show as available for sale in OneSource.
    • Put Away PO (in Bins).  This allow you to scan (transfer) the items from the ‘Dock’ into individual bin locations.  Any item can be scanned into any bin.  This provides much greater efficiency of warehouse space.
    • Note: If you have ‘serialized’ items (or Lot #’s to scan in for NSF Certification, etc) you can also scan the Serial or Lot# as well.
  • Scan items out of stock.
    • Pick Items. The hand held device will display a list of Sales Order that need to be shipped (based on automated, user defined priority order).  After selecting a Sales Order to ship each of the items will appear on the screen to be scanned out of stock.  If the wrong item is scanned the user will receive an alert.  Serial or Lot#’s can be scanned out of stock as well, to keep track of which customers received which serial or Lot#’s.  This feature prevents the need
    • Verify Items*. After items are picked and staged for delivery a user can ‘re-scan’ all items picked for an order and receive an instant verification of all parts have been properly picked. Also offers user the ability to flag item(s) as damaged and have the item re-picked (to find a non-damaged item).
    • Return Items*.  This allows for quick receipt back into stock and adjustment to the Sales Order and/or Invoice.
  • Count, Move, and Transfer items.
    • Physical Inventory (Count All). This allows users to scan ALL parts in your warehouse(s) and auto update the locations and quantities in OneSource.
    • Cycle Count (Count Some).  This allows users to cycle count selected ‘bins’ of parts and auto update the locations and quantities in OneSource. (Some reconciliation may be required).
    • Bin Transfer*.  This feature allows users to move items from Bin X to Bin Y and update the bin locations in OneSource.
    • Warehouse Transfer*. This feature allows users to transfer item from warehouse X to warehouse Y and update OneSource.

* This feature is coming soon (and will be added to the app free of charge when you purchase osScan). 

Hardware Scanning Device Requirements.
  • Operating System: Android (Microsoft has made a decision to stop developing and supporting Windows Mobile in the near future).
  • Wireless Capabilities / Internet Access: The device MUST have internet access to log into osScan Online.
  • Screen Size: Minimum of 2 1/4 inches wide x 3 inches tall.
  • Laser Beam Type: 1D or 2D (we currently only utilize 1D, but could switch to 2D at some time in the future).  (NOTE: Make sure the scanning software is pre-installed so it scans out of the box).
  • Pistol Grip: Not required, but recommended for ease of use and comfort.
  • Rugged. Able to be used in a warehouse environment and to be accidentally dropped from time to time without breaking.
  • Extra Batteries: Recommended.
  • For vendor recommendations please contact us.
What it costs to buy, setup, and maintain.
  • $7,200 to buy (for a SITE license)–including training and setup (but not including hardware).
  • $106/mo for support, updates, and hosting. 

To learn more about how OsScan help automate your warehouse, please contact us.

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