Our Story…Who we are, and what we do.

OneSource Software Solutions (OneSource) was first conceived by Steve Childs, the current President & CEO of OneSource in the mid 1990’s. At the time, Steve was the President & CEO of a small office paper recycling & shredding business in Anaheim, California called ‘Recycle California!’ (RCI). Initially, RCI struggled with several software issues.

After performing considerable research, it became apparent that the software problems RCI faced were, in fact,common to most businesses, including the realities that:

• Storing redundant data in 2, 3, 4 or more software applications is very time consuming and inefficient.

• Most accounting software has too many screens, requires too many clicks to get things done, and doesn’t put enough focus on the customer record.

• Most software on the market is written for the masses, and is thus too generic for most businesses. Most software is too rigid–not customizable enough.

Having determined that RCI could increase it’s volume, with the same personnel, provide significantly better customer service, and grow faster with the solution to these problems, (since RCI could not find a solution that met all of these needs) Steve hired a Microsoft Access/Visual Basic programmer to write a custom application to combine and automate the sales, invoicing, contact management, dispatching and customer/government reporting tasks. Long story short, RCI quickly became a trendsetter in the industry and grew over 30% per year for 7 years straight.

Having experienced the dramatic difference and the competitive edge that the custom application provided to RCI, Steve became interested in the idea of helping other small business owners grow and manage their businesses with greater ease. Consequently, Steve sold RCI and started OneSource in December, 1998.

Initially, OneSource focused primarily on the original idea–that of designing and developing ‘custom’ software applications for individual businesses. While the idea had considerable merit, OneSource began to realize that the “off-the-shelf” software model had merits of it’s own. (Less expensive, immediately available, more stable, etc…)

Thus, it became apparent that what the market really needed was a combination of several features & benefits, including software that:

• Is ready to use out of the box.
• Centralized business processes into 1 place
• Programmed by developers, but designed by real world ‘users’.
• Simplified tasks–especially the most redundant, time consuming tasks.
• Had fewer screens! (making it easier to learn and easier to use).
• Put the customer record at the center of it all–rather than just an extra detail in the accounting system.
• Could be customized to fit the needs of your industry or better yet–your business.
• Is supported by a smaller company helping smaller companies–one that knows you by name.
• Provides more value for less money.

With the new direction in mind, OneSource Software Solutions released the first version of ONESOURCE, in the spring of 2002, which integrated CRM/Contact Management, Order Entry, AR/AP, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Accounting/Banking, Document Management, Custom Reporting, etc into one solution.

Drawing from literally 1000’s of one-on-one conversations with business owners and users, OneSource has continued to focus and zero in on simplifying the tasks that seem to be the most crucial and time consuming: Order Entry, Item Pricing, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Accounting, Reporting, etc.
If you are a current or prospective OneSource customer, and would like to learn more (or tell us more) about how we may be able to help simplify and grow your business–please feel free to contact Steve Childs, the President/CEO of OneSource Software Solutions, at (801) 748-4804. OR, Click here to contact us.