Managed Backups (Add on)

When was the last time you verified your OneSource backups?

Let us backup and verify and store your crucial OneSource data files for you.




Common Data Backup Problems (and How We Can Solve Them For You)

  • Almost all back up systems are not verified (by a human being) on a routine basis–which many times results in discovering (when you need a backup) that your crucial data really wasn’t being backed up properly after all.  (We understand that your data is crucial to you.  We human verify that your OneSource data file back ups are performed each night by looking at the files that were backed up each morning).  
  • Many back up systems only back up once a day. (Our back up system maintains a 100% up-to-date, offsite version of your OneSource data files every hour of the day). 
  • Many back up systems do not store your data backups off site.  (We make 3 offsite copies of your OneSource data files each day).
  • Many back up systems only report when there is a problem.  (We send you an email every Monday confirming that we have backed up and verified your OneSource data files every week day of the previous week).
  • Sometimes back ups fail and either don’t warn you at all or warn you by sending a cryptic email that doesn’t explain what to really do to solve the problem.  (We handle all backup failure issues for you).
  • Sometimes the backup procedure works–but the OneSource data file does not get backed up because 1 or more users don’t log out properly (which leaves the file ‘open’ and usually not able to be backed up).  (Our backup procedures backup your OneSource data files–even when users forget to log out of OneSource).
  • Many back up systems do not keep ‘historical’ versions of your files for more than a week or a month.  (We store a unique DAILY copy of your OneSource Data files for a minimum of 5 weeks AND a unique MONTH END copy of your OneSource data files for a minimum of 5 years).


  • $124 Per Month


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