Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Now you can see
about a customer on ONE screen.



Most accounting systems have a place to enter orders, create invoices, etc. but NOWHERE to enter and track information about the most important part of your business–your customer.

One Place to View Everything About a Customer

  • Unlimited unique contacts
  • All tasks (phone calls, meetings, to-do’s) for each unique contact.
  • All related correspondence (letters, e-mails, faxes, etc.) for each unique contact.
  • An index of all letters, e-mails, proposals, etc., (along with a hyperlink to auto locate and open the document).
  • All related jobs, projects, service contracts
  • All related Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices/Invoice Line Items, Payments
  • Default pricing, credit terms, shipping terms, shipping info.
  • All custom “special” prices established for the customer.
  • Unlimited general and collection/AR notes.
Track Unlimited Contacts: As mentioned above, you can add an unlimited number of individual contacts for each Customer, Prospect, Supplier & Vendor record. This provides a simple way to quickly schedule a call or meeting with a contact, send a lettter, fax or e-mail to an individual contact, track numerous phone #’s, notes and a birthday for each contact, etc.
Track & Schedule Unlimited Activities: Right click on any contact to schedule a new activity or post a completed activity.
Track & Automate Correspondence: Right click on any contact to create a form letter, send an e-mail or create a fax cover. If desired, allow the system to auto create and store a copy of the letter or e-mail on your network and auto create an indexed link to the document–for immediate retrieval and viewing. (This solves the problem of only having e-mails stored in each user’s personal PC. With OneSource, every e-mail can be easy backed up and can be quickly located and viewed by any user on the network).
Sales/Pricing Defaults: Define which type of default pricing will be automatically applied to each line item entered for a quote or sales order, such as % discount, % markup, range pricing, pick pricing and code pricing. Establish default sales rep, terms of payment, credit limit and finance charge info. Add unlimited ship to addresses. Track delivery route info.
Custom Pricing MatrixDefine an unlimited number of custom “special” prices per customer/per item (or type of item). You can define a “specific” price or a variable price based on a certain type of calculation (discount, mark-up, margin, multiplier, code price, etc). You can also define when a custom price will be effective, based on various criteria being met, such as a date range, a quantity purchased or an association with a particular job. You can also create pricing “templates” to simplify price management for groups of customers all at once–yet still being able to “lock” particular prices that over-ride the pricing template. Bottom line: OneSource is virtually limitless in its ability to create a custom pricing matrix per customer.
Related Notes: Add an unlimited amount of notes about the organization (or each individual contact).
100% Customizable: Change the look, feel and functionality of the screen (form) in virtually any way imaginable. Add new tabs, new fields or new time saving function buttons.


To learn about more about how OneSource can simplify things that should be simple, please contact us.
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