Increase Sales (with CCC, Car-Part, APU, etc)

We can help you get your parts in CCC, Car-Part, APU, Mitchell, Audatex, PartsTrader, OPSTrax, etc



Export Your Parts List For Shop and Insurance Quoting Systems: 

  • Get your parts and prices in front of decision makers everyday.
  • Create Export Files for CCC, Mitchell, Audatex,, and APU Solutions.
  • All export files are formatted to meet each company’s specific import format.

Make It Easier For Your Customers to Buy Your Parts: 

  • We have LIVE OneSource integration with these Shop Management and Insurance Quoting Systems:
    • CCC True
    • APU Solutions
    • OPSTrax (ValuTrax)
    • PartsTrader
  • With each integration some or all of the following things are automatically handled or processed for you:
    • Show the customer your parts list along with your List Price or Insurance Price.
    • Show the customer ‘their’ price.
    • Show the customer your ‘availability’ of the parts, and how many days until it will be delivered.
    • Allow the customer to save a quote for the parts they have searched.
    • Allow the customer to create place Orders (which will be automatically imported into OneSource as a Sales Order).
    • Allow the customer to make payments.
    • Allow the customer to see past Statements.
    • Etc…
  • With each of the above integrations there is a one time start up cost of $1,200 and a monthly hosting/update/support cost of $120/mo.


To learn more about how OneSource can simplify things that should be simple, please contact us.

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