Cloud Servers

The better way to buy and maintain a server




As a service to our customers (who do not have a network administrator) we offer the following off-site Cloud Server services:

 Special Note: If you already have a network administrator that you are happy with we strongly recommend that as your continued Plan A.  On the other hand, we offer the following services to those who are either unsatisfied with their local support and/or do not have any local support.  Please note that there are certain ‘on premise’ things that we simply cannot do for you, such as replace a hard drive on a PC, etc.  In general these services are for Server sales and support.

1–Technical Support for your server(s)
  • As Needed Technical Support by the Hour: We offer the following services for $120/hr:
    • User security setup & maintenance.
    • Remote desktop setup & maintenance
    • Hard disk space maintenance.
    • Virus and spyware prevention and removal.
    • Event Log analysis.
    • Data Backup services
    • Server disaster recovery (and prevention)
  • Routine Server Management: (We will set up a routine, weekly or monthly maintenance plan to help prevent problems.  This service is usually $120-240 a month, depending on services requested).
  • Get Help Now: To make use of our Network Admin Services call: (801) 748-4804, then press option 1 for Support, then option 5.
2–Managed Backup Services (for your OneSource files)
  • Unlike most backup services, that are set up and usually forgotten (and tend to not be available for restore when needed most), we offer a unique backup service for your OneSource data that is backed up offsite (every few hours), and then personally verified by a human being 5 days a week.  To learn more about this service click here.   
3–OneSource Cloud Servers

If buying and maintaining an ‘on premise’ server (and managing your OneSource backups) is not the best fit for your needs, maybe a OneSource Cloud Server would be.  We can create and host a server for you (in the cloud) that provides remote login to OneSource using remote desktop (or remote app using a browser).  The server would include:

  • A Windows 2012 Server (configured to your company’s need for Processing Power, RAM, and Hard Drive space)
  • Remote Desktop License(s)
  • Office Professional Plus License(s)
  • Daily human verified, off-site backups for your OneSource data. (This is optional. See differences in price below).
  • Cost:
    • OneSource Cloud Server: $32 Per Processor Core, $16 per GB RAM**, $8 per 10GB of Hard Drive space.
    • OneSource Cloud Server Plus (which include Cloud Backups): $36 Per Processor Core, $18 per GB RAM**, $9 Per 10GB of Hard Drive space.
      **Each GB of RAM must be purchased in 1 to 3 ratio with Processor(s) (i.e. You can purchase up to 3 GB of RAM for each 1 Processor core)