Find Parts Easier. Take Orders Faster.

View all parts for a vehicle on 1 screen.

Drop all selections on a Sales Order with 1 click.



Using the Quick Price Check Screen, You Can…

  • Search for Car Parts by Year, Make, Model, Sub-Model or part type, part sub-type, part #, PartsLink #, OEM #, or interchange #.
  • View all Parts that fit the criteria entered on one screen, from front of car to back of car
  • View the Item Picture (when available).
  • View Item Description info including full item description, item #, Partslink #, OEM #, List Price, OEM Price, Insurance Price, Customer Net Price
  • View Item Inventory Information including Qty in Stock, Qty on Order, Damaged Qty, Qty in your warehouse, Qty in other Warehouses (in real time), all related Suppliers (by Supplier Name, Supplier Item #, Supplier Item Cost, Supplier Item Retail, Supplier Qty in stock (if imported), etc
  • View Customer address, account, and credit info
  • View the Order Total including sales tax.
  • Get Notified if the customer has called for the same car within the last x number of days (and quickly convert to an Order)
  • Select 1 or Multiple Parts to add to a Sales Order or Quotation with a single click.
  • Print the Sales Order Stock Picking Ticket, Create the Invoice, and Print the Invoice–all with 1 click.

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