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Reports are often the most valuable part of any system. The reports transform the raw data entered into a system into critical decision support information. OneSource contains over 200 analysis and summary type reports. A report is available (or can be created) displaying, grouping and summarizing virtually any and every type of information input into OneSource.

Knowledge is Power: A report is available (or can be created) displaying, grouping and summarizing virtually any and every type of information input into OneSource.
A few of our favorite reports include:
  • Customer Listings (Full Detail, Medium Detail, Summary)
  • New Customer Reports (which customers did we add in x date range?)
  • Customer Profile-Limited (Company Info, All Contacts, Notes, Etc)
  • Customer Profile-Detailed (Company Info, All Contacts, All Completed and Scheduled Activities, Notes, Etc.)
  • Customer Sales Listings (What invoices were sent to x company in x date range? what was the total sales to company x?)
  • Missing In Action (Which Customers Haven’t Placed an Order in x days?)
  • Customer Statements (ready to be put into a window envelope displaying all invoices for a given customer for a given date range or only the outstanding invoices for a date range, all payments, 30,60,90+ amounts, etc.)
  • Prospect Listings (Grouped by type, geography, size, last contact date, last letter date, assigned sales rep, etc.)
  • Job Status Reports (including # days until expected completion, # days in current status, where are the weak links in the chain for job completion? total value of all jobs, associated completed and scheduled activities, notes, etc.)
  • Job Costing Reports (All invoices related to a specific job, budget vs. actual)
  • Activity Tracking Reports (Grouped and/or Filtered by Employee, Activity Type, Role, Priority, Date Range, Customer, etc.)
  • Dispatching Reports (who is going where, when? which customers are Monday pick-ups/deliveries? etc.)
  • Sales & Marketing (time tracking & productivity reports, prospects by type and sub-type, who were sent which marketing pieces and when? which group of contacts need to be auto sent another marketing piece?
  • Unbilled-Billable Time Reports (Displays the posted activities, including start time, end time, total time, billable time and description of activity, all ready to be auto merged into an invoice).
  • Sales Reports (What orders did we process in x date range, sales comparison reports: compare sales in x date range this year with the same date range last year, etc.).
  • Finance Charges Reports (who has been charged finance charges? who needs to be auto assessed finance charges? etc.)
  • Inventory Management Reports (Which ordered items not yet received are past due? which items are back-ordered? which items have fallen below their threshold level? what items does x supplier sell? listing of all inventory be item, manufacturer, type, etc.)
  • Shipping & Receiving (Picking tickets, aisle/bin locations, bill of ladings, etc)
  • Financial Statements (Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Statemenet of Cash Flows, Budgets, GL, General Journal, etc.)
  • A/R Reports (Who owes money? how much money? for how long? which customers are on Credit Hold?)
  • A/P Reports (Who do we owe? how much money? when?)
  • Banking Reports (Check reconciliation, check register, all check with x or y criteria, etc.)
  • Ad-Hoc / On the Fly Reports (Generate a report with virtually any criteria imaginable, within minutes.)
Reports Made Easy:
MS Access includes a Report Generation Wizard to make several different types of reports, based on your unique needs, without having to write a single line of code. Also, every one of the pre-designed reports can also be customized to your preference.
Report Management:
The Report Selection Screen form provides a single interface form which to print all reports. Reports are grouped into categories for easy grouping and locating. Any reports you have created through the Report List will appear here and be available for printing.
Company information you entered into the Company Setup form is printed on reports to give a consistent look to the reports. You can also add additional items such as a company logo.
Flexible Reports:
Each report can contain up to 5 different user definable criteria. Include a date range and decide if the report will having special grouping/sorting and whether it will display detailed information or summarized lists. Enter optional titles (on the fly) each time a report is generated. All criteria is automatically displayed in the report heading to help the user know exactly what the report is based on. In other words, a single report with multiple criteria and display options can prevent the need to create and manage hundreds of unnecessary reports.
Automatic Report Generation:
A group of reports can be automatically generated with a single mouse click. Each “group” or “batch” of reports can contain an unlimited number of reports, including dynamic criteria selection, # of copies to print, etc. (This feature can save hours of personnel time and help assure business owners that the proper status reports are generated routinely and with ease).

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