Warehouse Automation (OneSource osScan Add-on)

Gain control of every part coming in and out of your warehouse




OneSource Scanning App functionality:
  • Scan items into stock for incoming Purchase Orders.
  • Scan items out of stock for Sales Orders
  • Scan items out the door for Order Dispatching & Deliveries
  • Scan items into stock for Customer Returns
  • Scan items for inventory cycle counts.
How it works.
  1. For Scanning items into stock for incoming Purchase Orders:
    • Scan items as they come off the truck.  There is no need to hand count and reconcile PO’s with a pencil.  osScan will auto compare the items scanned with the related PO.  If any items have the incorrect quantity (or are missing) the user will be able to see (and email) a list of parts that didn’t match, when the scanning is complete.
    • The moment items are scanned they are put into stock (on the dock).  This makes items instantly available for sale (from inside of OneSource or from OneSource ecom/shopping carts).
    • Items can then be scanned into any bin location (even if the item does not fit into it’s ‘normal’ bin location).
  2. For Scanning items out of stock for Sales Orders (when picking items off the shelf):
    • osScan will tell the user which parts to pick, which bin they are in, and which order to pick them in.
    • If the user scans the wrong item the osScan will alert the user (so the wrong parts don’t get delivered to the customer).
  3. For Scanning items out the door (for Order Dispatching & GPS Routing for Deliveries):
    • Scan each Sales Order that you want to deliver.  You can scan them in the order that you’d like to deliver them in or just scan them in any random order and then select the option to have Google Maps determine the best delivery order.
    • Once the ‘delivery order’ of the deliveries has been determined osScan will prompt the Delivery Truck loading person to scan each item (on each order) in reverse order (so the items can be taken off the truck in the order that they will be delivered).  When all items are scanned osScan will alert the scanning person if any parts on the Orders have not been scanned  into the truck.
    • When the driver is ready to go he can log into osScan (on his smart phone) and click the button to display the turn by turn GPS route to make all the deliveries.
  4. For Item Returns
    • User is given various options to find the part and create (or request authorization to create) a Return Authorization.
    • A list of Sales Orders (and customer names will appear).  The user will then select the Order or part to return.
    • The user will be given a few questions such as should it go back into stock? Or, is it damaged? Should a Credit be created for the Customer?
  5. For ‘Cycle Counting’ Inventory (in your warehouse):
    • Scan all items in a bin or a row and osScan will connect to OneSource to compare, auto reconcile, and update.
    • No need to figure out which parts are which and how many you have.
    • No need to hand look up and reconcile each individual part in OneSource.
Hardware Scanning Device Requirements.
  • Operating System: Android. (Version: Kit Kat or greater)
    (Microsoft has made a decision to stop developing and supporting Windows Mobile in the near future).
  • Wireless Capabilities / Internet Access: The device MUST have wireless internet access to log into osScan Online.
  • Screen Size: Minimum of 2 1/4 inches wide x 3 inches tall.
  • Bar Code Reader Type: 1D or 2D (we currently only utilize 1D, but could switch to 2D at some time in the future).  Camera scanning not supported. (NOTE: Make sure the scanning software is pre-installed so it scans out of the box).
  • Pistol Grip: Not required, but recommended for ease of use and comfort.
  • Rugged. Able to be used in a warehouse environment and to be accidentally dropped from time to time without breaking.
  • Extra Batteries: Recommended.
  • Repair/Support Service: Recommended.
  • Scanners We Like: Recommended. Zebra (Symbol / Motorola) TC70, TC75,
  • Where to buy:
    • New: We recommend Tim Martin at ExtenData.com for great prices and services, and consulting on what scanner(s) to buy, how to setup your warehouse with the proper printers, wireless access points, etc.  He can be reached at (800) 641-7110 x322.  (Note: ExtenData is familiar with OneSource Software and setup procedures).
    • Used /Refurbished (with power cord and warranty): https://usedbarcode.net/ and www.barcode-arena.com
    • Used (cheaper, but more risk and hassle, and usually without the power cord): www.ebay.com
What it costs to buy.
  • $9,800 to buy–including training and setup (but not including hardware). ($4,900 down, $4,900 after it is up and running).
  • $200/mo for hosting, support, and updates. 

To learn more about how OsScan help automate your warehouse, please contact us.

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