Create PO’s for Containers in 1/4 the time.



The Automated PO Tool can save you HOURS of Time… and $100’s — per Container PO.



We understand your pains…

OneSource Software specializes in the Auto Body Industry so we have listened to and integrated the concerns of numerous Auto Body Supply companies. We have eliminated the long and tedious process of creating Purchase Orders (for a sea container of parts) by designing tools to simplify and/or automate each of your typical steps to get a PO accurately submitted and updated.

This tool will:

  • Help You Determine What You Need to Buy and how many you need to buy.  Which items are selling, which have lost sales, which are trending up or down over the past x years, etc.
  • Help You Create a Specialized Export List of items (for each of the suppliers that you would car to get a quote from–including their item #’s) in MS Excel.
  • Help You Import the Updated List of parts and prices (from each supplier).
  • Help You View the Entire List Again with each of the Supplier’s updated prices listed side by side–with the best price highlighted, per item.  (It can also auto apply any ‘exceptions’ that you have noted per item to auto select particular suppliers, or not select particular suppliers–regardless of price or for a particular date range).
  • Help You See the Total PO and total cubic square feet per supplier.
  • Help You Auto Generate a PO for each Supplier.
  • Help You Export the PO to each Supplier.
  • Help You Import the Final List and auto adjust the PO quantities (from the Excel file provided to you by the Supplier) for the actual items loaded into the container.
  • Help you Print Labels for the items arriving at your back door.

To learn more about how OneSource can simplify things that should be simple, please contact us.


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